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George Parker

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I am George Parker, and I know a little something about iGambling and sports betting

My name is George, and for most of my life, I have been involved in gambling and sports betting in one way or another. First, it was offline, then online, and then a mix of both. I come from Brisbane and still spend plenty of time surfing on the Gold Coast; I can’t even recall when I started it!

Apart from catching the waves, gambling is another passion of mine. Online gambling and playing poker is something that keeps me going. I started participating in amateur offline poker tournaments and then moved on to bigger stages. That’s how I made several poker trips to the United States.

At some point, I decided to anchor in Atlantic City to get real-life experience as a poker dealer at a land-based venue. This is the only way to get insights and gain invaluable experience.

After spending a few years there, I got homesick. Surfing and gambling kept me afloat. I even tried winter surfing. The water was freezing, the wind whipping, but it was just you and the waves! However, my roots did the trick, and I found myself sitting on the plane to the Down Under.

All this whirlpool of events has brought me to online sports betting. First, I began to place bets on Aussie rules. However, after a while, I plunged into it on a more professional level, enhancing my expertise in in-play betting, and expanding activities to other sports and, eventually, eSports.

To make a long story short, this is how I became a gambling and betting expert because I’ve always felt that I have something to share with other people, both gamblers and bettors.

After a while, I discovered that an online community of players had been formed around my gambling and betting reviews and articles. It was nice to know that your opinion is valuable to other people.

At this point, I established my website to share my expertise with Aussie punters regularly and then to go beyond, attracting more and more international audiences.

I divide my content into two major parts: online casino and sportsbook reviews. Sometimes these two sides get into one, as some venues offer both services.

Of course, quality content needs a personal touch; in my case, it takes my involvement in every online establishment I write about. So if you want to know more about gambling and betting venues and choose the best ones to play, you just visit my website and check it out. It is more than just overall ratings; I provide info on the signup process, casino game selections, bonuses, and betting odds. You will always find something useful on my online pages.

If we look deeper into the online casino insights from my reports, you will learn about the newest pokie releases, slots with the highest RTP, and various promotional offers. On the sports betting side, I will reveal the secrets of smart odds hunting and choosing the right – and legal – online bookies.

Overall, I can help you with the following if your reach out to my website:

  • How to choose and play casino games to increase your winning chances.
  • What it takes to become a pro poker player, based on my personal experience.
  • When you feel it is the moment to take a break from gambling.
  • Why online sports betting is so fantastic and entertaining.
  • And, eventually, how to enjoy responsible online gambling and sports betting!

Please visit my website, check out its content, and share your opinion by leaving a comment. Hope you will know a lot of helpful stuff about online gaming and betting!

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