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The Best Online Casino Bonuses And Promotions In Australia

A thrilling and rewarding casino bonus is one of the best things a player can experience. Just think about it – with the help of lucrative promotions, you can place more bets than you would with your deposit. But what kind of casino deals can you find out there? Are all bonus deals created alike?

So many questions and so little time! You want to play as soon as possible, so we won’t beat around the bushes any longer. With the help of our simple guide, you’ll quickly figure out what deals will work for you, how to play them and, in the end, enjoy the fruits of your effort.

Bonus list

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is a phenomenon reserved pretty much for online casinos. Although you can get certain perks and benefits at land-based establishments as well, they are rarely as impressive as the pleasures you’ll get to enjoy at an online bonus casino.

Online casino bonuses can be best described as balance boosters. Once you make a deposit (and sometimes even without making one, but we’ll get to that later), your gaming operator will very likely provide you with a predetermined amount of money and/or free spins. It is a way of showing gratitude for picking that particular operator or playing for as long as you have. You get the gist.

Players from Australia can enjoy bonuses of all kinds. However, one thing to remember is that not all casinos have the same bonus repertoire. On top of that, keep in mind that not every bonus will be suitable for you, your budget and your style. Luckily, you came here to learn more about different deals and how they work, so let’s keep going!

Types Of Casino Bonuses

Truth be told, there are as many casino bonuses as there are casinos. Every single brand does its best to attract customers from Australia by releasing steamy offers, along with an abundance of extra bonuses for loyal customers. But one has to wonder, what are the best casino bonuses out there?

To help you understand what’s happening on the Aussie bonus scene, we created a neat little overview of the most common deals and promos one can get. Don’t get lost as if you were in the great outback, but rather stick with us to find your perfect bonus mate!

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is, in the eyes of many players, the best casino bonus one can get. Usually, it is available immediately upon registration and requires no financial transaction to be activated. It is an offer that comes as close to free money as it gets.

Still, before engaging in it, understand no deposit bonus will rarely be revolutionary or deliver life-changing amounts to your casino balance. More often than not, it is a small bundle of free spins on a popular game or a single free bet. The main purpose of the no-deposit bonus is to give you a taste of the casino and not to deliver hours and hours of fun.

Welcome Bonus Package

The welcome bonus or the casino sign up bonus, as many call it, is the most common type of deal you can get at a casino. Reserved for new gamers, it can typically be activated with the first deposit, but it is also common to encounter casinos with the welcome bonus spread across the first few top-ups you make.

And what does this kind of deal look like? The welcome bonus may be anything that pops into your mind. From deposit matches, across the sets of free spins, to combo deals containing several smaller bonuses – the world is your oyster farm, and all you have to do is pick the one that looks the most delicious.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus is the best online casino bonus for two kinds of players. The first kid is slot aficionados, gamers who can’t resist the call of colourful reels, enchanting storylines and powerful features. The other group that gets hooked on free spins are gamers who have no clear vision of what they prefer or want to play. For this particular reason, free spins deals are top-rated among beginners.

This bonus allows you to play spins on slots. Frequently you’ll get to play them on one single pokie machine, but it is also possible to find free spins bonuses in Australia that are available on multiple slots at a time.

That being said, it should also be added there is a special category of free spins called cash spins. In the standard free spins bonus, your winnings are considered to be bonus money and therefore have to be wagered accordingly. In the cash spins bonus, you get to keep your winnings, as the bonus pays in cash. Read the bonus rules carefully to figure out what kind of spins you’re getting so you know what to expect.

Tournaments and Challenges

This is where things get really heated! Most casinos will offer you a simple bonus, you redeem it and merrily go your way. It is a fine option, yet many crave mode adrenaline in their daily sessions, and this is where tournaments, races, and challenges step in.

In this kind of promotion, you don’t play all by yourself but are actually competing against other players with the same goal – to land at the top of the leaderboard. The title of champion brings you more than accolades and bragging rights. You also get the most significant share of the scrumptious prize pot all players are waiting to devour.

Challenges and tournaments usually take place on slot machines and often include more than just one title. It is also possible for the casino to cooperate with a content supplier and organise a massive challenge across all the titles by the company involved. They are the best Australian casino bonuses for gamers not afraid to fight head-to-head.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events take place only every now and then, hence the name. They can be themed and include Christmas-themed games, the best spooky Halloween releases, or simply cover a range of new games the casino wants to promote.

They tend to last around a month or so and help Australian gamers get all pumped up for the upcoming holidays or special events. Some of the characteristics typical of seasonal bonuses and events are:

VIP And Loyalty Programs

All this is fine and dandy, but do you get any rewards for your loyalty? Yes, you do. Loyalty never goes unnoticed on gaming sites, and many of the best online casino bonuses are reserved for players who stick around. Exclusive bonuses, custom-made offers, expedited withdrawals, merch, and all other fun stuff are often given to players who prove their loyalty by playing regularly.

In addition to loyalty clubs reserved for us mortals, there are also VIP clubs. Although some online casinos choose to use those two terms interchangeably, the VIP program is usually dedicated to high rollers.

The online casino will take notice of your high deposits and high playing volumes and send you a special invite to join the most upscale club there is. VIP bonuses are far more generous, and the service is higher. It’s like a VIP casino room, but online!

High-Roller Bonuses

High-roller bonuses are, just like the VIP club, reserved for gamers who are willing to spend more money and play more. Special treatment comes at a high price, so we advise you to approach such offers attentively. If you can afford it, then great. We are pretty sure you’ll have a blast playing humongous bonus offers. If not, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Bonus offers for more affluent gamers can take any form, shape or size, although, generally speaking, they do tend to be a bit more generous. However, they may also have more demanding bonus terms attached. If you can’t seem to find a high roller bonus at your casino of voice. Take a look at what other casinos have in the bag for you.

Crypto Casino Bonuses Explained

Now that you know what the best casino sign up bonus can look like, you should also know there are some additional bonus options available for Australian crypto gamers. Cryptocurrencies are no longer a novelty but a legit way of paying for everything you can imagine. Even so, they are still mainly used online, especially in online casinos.

Unsurprisingly, many casino operators have decided to create deals and bonus offers for crypto gamers. One thing you need to understand is that three possible scenarios can happen:

Crypto bonuses can normally be found at casino houses that support only crypto payments. They are a bit different from most classic casino bonuses, as they heavily rely on your activity.

Types of Crypto Bonuses in Australia

Without further ado, let’s see what crypto bonuses are available in the Land Down Under.

  1. Faucets – every few hours or so, the gaming platform will “leak” some coins only players who are online at that moment can receive and use as a small bonus.
  2. Rains – if you feel like celebrating, you can send a few coins to all active gamers. The same goes the other way around, as you can receive coins from other gamers online.
  3. Bonus Games – all you have to do is play a custom-made game and collect coins that will translate into real bonus money once you are done.
  4. Rakeback – players may also get their share of pots the house collects. The pots may be divided by using different methods and principles, depending on the crypto casino you choose.
  5. Tips – in addition to rains, tips are another peer-to-peer bonus that found its place at crypto casinos. If another player helps you figure out a game or pick a title to enjoy, you can tip them with whatever you deem appropriate.

How To Redeem A Casino Bonus In Australia

Okay, you have picked the best online casino welcome bonus, one that fits you like a glove, but now what? To redeem a bonus, you have to do more than just look at it. Before we explain the process, allow us to explain how different bonuses can be redeemed.

Bonus Terms 101

Bonuses are fun and thrilling and make every heart beat faster. Regardless, players must never forget to read bonus rules. Only so can they determine whether a specific deal is manageable for them or not.

Don’t be dazzled by big promises, but rather look into the fine print. The best first deposit bonus casino sites will always introduce you to bonus rules and encourage you to read them before playing any games or getting stuck with a deal that just might not be the one you need. Here are some general guidelines to help you understand what bonus terms are all about.

Bonus Amount

This is the juiciest part of any bonus. The bonus amount is what catches our eye and captivates our hearts. It is natural to think that the bigger the bonus, the better the deal, but that is simply not true.

Before committing to a special offer, think not just about the rules that come with a bonus but also about the nature of it. The free spins welcome deal will be entirely useless for a live gaming fan, no matter how massive it may be. At the same time, a more humble bonus with a budget-friendly deposit may be the best deal for players who have to pinch a few pennies.

Minimum Deposit To Get The Bonus

Unless you are lucky enough to get a no-deposit bonus, you’ll have to load some cash into your account to access bonus funds. And how much cash are we talking about? It is difficult to say, as every casino is entitled to determine its own minimum deposit for a bonus.

As a rule, most casinos ask for 20 AUD, but this limit can be both higher and lower. Sometimes a minimum deposit to get a bonus is higher than the general deposit limit. Additionally, certain payment methods may be banned from the bonus program.

Bonus Wagering Requirement

The most crucial element of any bonus is the wagering requirement. It is a number that says how many times you have to play a bonus before cashing out. We’ll list some guidelines to help you see what deals are worth the play.

Bonus Duration

The bonus duration is the timeframe the online casino Australia gives you to play the bonus. There is no rule on how much time you’ll have, but there is a simple way to determine if the deal is manageable or not.

Essentially, the higher the wagering requirement, the more time you should have to play the deposit bonus. Also, free spins often have shorter deadlines due to the nature of the game. Moreover, with free spins in play, you should know you’ll face two deadlines: one to play them and one to wager the bonus amount won.

Maximum Bet

The maximum bet is the most significant amount you can stake while wagering the bonus. Typically, it is capped at up to AUD5. It rarely goes over that limit.

By placing bets higher than that, you are breaking the rules of the bonus and may face the offer being removed from your account and sometimes even account closure. Stick to the rules, and don’t be a troublemaker!

Win And Cashout Limits

Specific kinds of bonuses, like no deposit deals and free spins, may also have win and cashout limits attached to them. Here’s the breakdown of what they are:

Contributing Games

Every set of bonus terms will also have a list of contributing games. It is games and genres that add to the wagering requirement. Any casino can do as they please and add and remove titles as they want, but most of them tend to give an advantage to pokies and ban progressive jackpots. Table games and live casino tables may add different amounts, but their contribution rarely exceeds the 20% mark.

How To Pick The Best Online Casino Bonus in Australia

You know what bonuses players in Australia can get, and you also know how to play them. However, you might still be wondering where to find them.

Our website is a precious source of information not only on bonuses but also on casinos. Therefore, read our reviews and find a few favourites before you visit them and make the decision that is right for you. All casinos we endorse are true A-listers, which is how you can scan them to find the one that is right for you. Even if you don’t feel like playing with our suggestions, these guidelines can be total life savers.

Play With Reliable And Safe Casinos

First and foremost, you have to be sure the casino you wish to play bonuses with is a safe, reliable and licensed place to be. The casino license can typically be found at the very bottom of the website, along with the link taking you to the authority’s webpage.

Third-party approvals are also worth having. Many online casinos in Australia have been tested and approved by fair gaming agencies such as eCOGRA and iTechLabs. They guarantee the house is fair and doesn’t interfere with the gaming mechanism.

Ultimately, make sure to play with a casino that pays attention to the technological aspect of your safety. Protocols, such as the famous SSL encryption, are simply a must. 2FA authorisation is slowly but surely, becoming a must in this day and age.

Read The Bonus Terms

We can’t repeat this enough, but read your bonus terms! Casinos with non-transparent bonus terms and unfair playing conditions should never be considered. And yes, even if the casino fair authorised and all of the above, it doesn’t mean its bonus rules will work for you!

Don’t forget that bonus rules, just like bonus offers, may change from time to time, so revisit them frequently, especially if you are about to redeem a bonus you never played before. This is one situation in life when it is better to be safe than sorry!

Consider Your Budget

Massive deals are all fine and dandy, but only if you can afford to get them. Take a look at how much you have to deposit to enjoy a certain bonus, and estimate whether or not it fits your gambling budget.

Never spend more than initially planned or more than you can afford. Having fun is great, but so is playing within your means, especially as mammoth-sized bonuses often come with a serious wagering requirement attached.

Consider Your Gaming Preferences

When you play with serious and reliable Australian online casinos, you can be sure you’ll get fair and attractive deals. Still, that doesn’t mean every single deal will suit you.

For example, players who strongly dislike pokies should never redeem bonuses where free spins take centre stage. There is no reason to play a game you dislike just to get a bonus. Perhaps a free bet or a live casino deal would be a better option.

Additionally, take a look at contributing games. If your casino of choice is allowing you to wager the bonus only on slots, yet you tend to be an avid blackjack fan, you’re off better with some other brand.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Casino Bonuses

A lot has been said about casino bonuses of all sorts, so it is the final time to sum things up and see whether they are worth the effort or not. Undoubtedly, casino bonuses are an opportunity no player wants to miss. Yet, one has to be aware of everything this kind of gaming brings into the mix.

To help you get a balanced overview of the entire bonus ordeal, we prepared a simple list of both pros and cons. Use it whenever you deem it necessary!



Can I Claim A Casino Bonus In A Mobile Casino?

Aussies are famous for their passion for mobile phones and, consequently, mobile gaming. There is something liberating in having access to all your favourite titles no matter where you are, what you do and whom you’re with. Unsurprisingly, many players in our wonderful country are wondering if they can get any bonuses when playing on mobile.

Yes, you can! All online casinos in Australia we list on our website have bonus offers you can redeem on both desktop and mobile. Catch that wave on your favourite beach, and then relax by catching a bonus you like!

Special Mobile Casino Bonuses

Depending on the casino’s policies, you might even be able to receive promotional offers reserved exclusively for mobile gamers. One of the most common deals of this kind is a mobile bonus you get when you install the app. Although not ground-breaking, it is a nice addition to the gaming repertoire.

Also, casinos love to use mobile notifications and instant messaging to inform you of all the latest deals and offers. Pay close attention to what the message has to say, as some of the deals may be available for a limited time only!


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